How does sports betting work

Bet on sports: how do sports betting work

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Stavka na sport

With the correct calculation and well-thought-out game, sports betting in bookmakers can bring real profit, and numerous reviews of real players confirm this.

At least once in their life, the number of people who would bet on sports is constantly growing. This is quite logical since more and more bookmakers, more and more tournaments in various sports types are covered, and interest in sports is constantly growing. And if we take into account the fact that almost any gambling person considers himself an expert in a particular sport, it becomes clear why the stream of bettors never runs out.

When did people start betting?

It is assumed that the rates existed in ancient times. So, in ancient Greece, people actively bet on the results during the Olympic Games, in ancient Rome – on gladiator fights and chariot races. Of course, bookmakers did not exist in those days, and viewers made bets directly, without intermediaries.

Sports betting was further developed two millennia later in Great Britain towards the end of the nineteenth century when the first bookmakers in London began to accept bets on horse racing. The very first real bookmaker’s office was opened in Liverpool, England, in 1922, where gamblers got the opportunity to bet on football and horse racing according to practically the same rules as our contemporaries.

How does betting work in general?

The standard question for the British is: ” how does sports betting work ?” That is, how exactly do bets work?

A bet is the same real money dispute on an event in which a bet is made between a gambler and a bookmaker. Each event is assigned a coefficient calculated by analysts, and in case of guessing the result, the bettor wins. In case of loss, the player loses his irrevocable bet.

What are sports betting?


People can bet on anything. If only this event were interesting to people. These can be events:

  • in the political life of the country;
  • in the world of cinema;
  • in public life, etc.

But esports betting is much more widespread in the modern world. Of course, the number of popular sports is constantly growing; competitions of various levels are shown on television and the Internet. In addition, it is among the sports fans that there is a huge number of gambling people who consider themselves unsurpassed experts in this or that sport.

Since a sports bet is a certain amount of money transferred to the bookmaker under certain conditions, depending on them, several main types of bets on sports events can be distinguished.

Single bet or “single”

This type of bet implies one event on which the entire amount of money is placed. In case of guessing the outcome, the bettor gets a win in his hands. Otherwise, he loses money. Such bets are ideal for beginners who are just taking their first steps in betting.

Express bets

This type of bet includes several sporting events at once. If the bettor guesses the outcomes of all matches, the odds of the events are multiplied, significantly increasing the win. If an error in the calculation of even one event, the entire bet amount will be lost.


Represents several express bets, including an equal number of events (2 or 3). The loss of any outcome in one of the accumulators leads to its exclusion from the total bet, but the rest continue to play further. As a result, the sums of winning express bets are summed up and handed over to the bettor.

Where to bet on sports?

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Today it is enough for a gambler to decide on a bookmaker’s office, and sports betting can start. There are many bookmakers these days, so the player is required to choose a bookmaker with a high level of reliability and safety. It is also advisable to select offices that offer decent odds.
Stavki sport

How do bookmakers make money?

The principle of operation of any bookmaker is based on always making a profit, regardless of the result of a particular event.

If we assume that the players receive winnings according to the offered odds, then the bookmakers will earn from the margin – a special commission of the bookmaker. In reality, QB’s earn much more due to betters’ shortsightedness, miscalculations, and elementary greed. In fact, the result of games for bookmakers is of secondary importance, and the profit depends on the amount of the margin and the turnover of the money placed.

Every bettor most often seeks to develop his own strategy for playing bets. But since all this has been going on for more than a hundred years, most of the working strategies have long been developed, and there is little point in inventing others.

Favourites versus underdogs (outsiders)

The odds for the favourites to win are always low. But sometimes, they can be completely insignificant. Therefore, a similar strategy was developed, which allows you to earn decent money just in such cases.

It is based on the assumption that the favourite cannot win permanently; sooner or later, defeat is also expected. The same Bayern (Munich) or Manchester City can stumble during even a critical tournament.

The strategy of betting on outsiders does not require the participants of a particular match to be at opposite ends of the standings. It may happen that, occupying neighbouring places, they can get a serious gap in the bookmaker’s quotes. For example, if one of the clubs has lost five of the last six meetings, the other has taken a cool game pace and produces excellent results.

Decent odds even for such matches are possible.


This concept comes from American sports, where bookmakers often use the difference in the score, which makes it possible to roughly equalize the chances of teams even with a large difference in class.

In essence, the spread in the Western interpretation is the same handicap that all betters in our bookmakers are familiar with.


Very popular with players and bets on more or fewer goals scored, points scored, etc. This applies to all team sports.

Bookmakers offer several options so that bettors can use statistics and analytics in their calculations.


Stavki spor
A variant of betting to win, where betters need to determine the winner. Money line betting is one of the most straightforward sports betting types you can find. This term is commonly used in American sports, where scatter is the standard bet type.

Online sports betting

The widespread appearance of the Internet in human life has led to the fact that gamblers have the opportunity to bet online. To do this, they do not even need to leave the house. It is enough to go to the bookmaker’s website and select the matches you like in the offered line.

Unfortunately, betting online is not legal in all countries. In the same Russia or Ukraine, online betting was banned for a long time, and only now the situation has begun to change for the better.

How does soccer betting work?

The most popular sport in the world is undoubtedly football, so most bettors try to place bets in this particular sport. Moreover, there are a great many different football tournaments.

Any fan thinks of himself as a real expert in the field of football. Therefore bookmakers make huge money on human passions. And all because people often do not listen to useful advice.

The bets must be approached as prudently and thoughtfully as possible because the slightest mistake can have very unpleasant consequences. All players (especially beginners) should definitely use the following tips:

  • you need to monitor the bankroll closely;
  • it would help if you never tried to recoup because this path leads to collapse;
  • it is worth using the advice of independent experts;
  • calculations need to be backed up by analytics and statistics.

Of course, these tips do not guarantee sky-high winnings, but they significantly reduce the likelihood of mindless losses.

Frequently asked questions/answers.

There are many bookmakers, and most betters usually ask standard questions.

How to find a bookmaker on the Internet?
How do online sports betting work?

If it works, then play for your own pleasure. And remember, sober calculation makes a profit!

That’s it, and you can start making bets. If you do everything right, you won’t have to wait long for good luck. Everything is in the hands of the bettor.

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How to find a bookmaker on the Internet?
It's pretty straightforward. It is enough to take advantage of the reviews of real clients of bookmakers, which can be found on the Internet in a huge variety. Where there are really a lot of positive reviews, that bookmaker should be chosen. In addition, it is worth looking at the year the bookmaker started its work. The longer it exists, the more chances you have of finding a decent bookmaker.
How do online sports betting work?
First of all, you should choose a reliable bookmaker. Next, you need to decide on the type of sport. And lastly, register on the bookmaker's website and fund your account.