How to get around GamStop

Have you signed up for Gamstop UK and are now looking for how to bypass gamstop? Ready to please you, the program does not apply to some gambling sites, so Gamstop members can register with these sites to play their favorite casino games. You will be interested to know how to get round gamstop because today many online casinos offer an exciting gaming experience and high payouts, which is no different from what you get at any top-rated casino in partnership with the scheme.

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme designed to help players overcome gambling addiction. This allows players to stop their gambling activities for a certain period, from six months to five years. In addition, you can easily register by visiting the official website of the scheme and providing all the necessary data. But what to do if you need to get around gamstop?

Quite often it happens that you are persuaded or forced to register with Gamstop and you are looking for ways to how to beat gamstop, then turned to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to get around gamstop, some of the methods you can use to remove gamstop.

The Best Gaming Sites That Bypass GamStop

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How to bypass GamStop: general information about casinos

The service that GamStop offers is quite simple, and many players find it useful. However, that’s not the case for everyone, and those looking for ways around gamstop end up regretting that they signed up. This is because the service effectively blocks access to all gambling sites in the program and makes it impossible to register, log in or any interaction with the gambling service, so players are looking for ways to get around gamstop.

The biggest problem here is the length of the self-exclusion program. Just the duration of self-exclusion is there a way around gamstop. In the previous section, we described all the gaming platforms we tested without GamStop. If you don’t know can you remove gamstop, then just select any online casino you like from our list and create an account.

Before we continue, it should be noted that the methods described here getting around gamstop are completely legal and should only be used by players who do not have gambling problems, to whom gamstop removal is contraindicated.

Best Ways to Bypass GamStop Self-Exclusion

In this article, we will provide you with the most important ways how to get around self exclusion that you can use to bypass self-exclusion or any other service that prevents you from accessing online gambling: can you reverse gamstop

  1. Play at casinos outside the UKAs mentioned in the introduction, the best solution to how to get past gamstop is to sign up for the casino from our list. These casinos are not connected to GamStop (as this service is only available to UK operators).Modern casinos without GamStop, which can you undo gamstop are licensed by such well-known licensees as Curacao or Malta. Protect player data using well-known security protocols. Offer games from top-notch developers. Use global banking methods.
  2. Look for casinos that do not require verification of player dataDon’t know how to bypass gamstop, but still play safe? Casinos, like any bank or insurance company that process customer data and money, use Know Your Customer (KYC) technology. These are protocols to verify the identity of the user and ensure that he uses real and personal data. Therefore, before you make your first withdrawal, the casino with remove from gamstop will ask you to provide copies of the following documents:
    • identity card/passport/driver’s license.
    • utility bill as proof of address.
    • banking information.

    After checking these documents in the UK casino, the casino will find out if you are a Member of GameStop. This way, they will block your account and prevent you from playing! In this case, all you can do is withdraw funds from your account.
    Therefore, the solution can you stop gamstop can be to register in a UK casino that does not apply KYC. While some casinos may not require you to provide these documents before the first withdrawal, they may ask you to do so later. Therefore, the best and most suitable solution is to play in a casino that does not support GameStop at all; So regardless of whether your data is verified or not, you will be safe!

  3. Play at a casino that accepts cryptocurrencySince 2015, many crypto casinos have been launched that allow you to remove myself from gamstop, can be ideal for GamStop players for several reasons! First, they are not affiliated with the GamStop program. Therefore, you can play freely and safely! While the second reason how to get around self-exclusion is that you can deposit and withdraw money freely and safely, even if your bank has blocked gaming sites, because these casinos do not ask you for bank details and you can deposit and withdraw money using your eWallet!
  4. Play with a fake accountTired of waiting for the end of the self-exclusion period or just don’t know how long does gamstop last? No need to wait, play from a friend’s account! Before you think of a reliable person you can ask about their casino account, you should know that this is against the terms and conditions of all casinos!
    No casino allows its players to use other people’s data to play. And this account can be banned even if can you get around gamstop, if the casino system knows that access to the account is carried out from two different devices. So it is more appropriate to consider other options.
  5. Use a VPNVPN software changes your residential address and your IP address. Thus, this can be another way of how to remove gamstop, as it will provide the casino with different data than the data recorded in this exclusion service. However, first you need to make sure that the casino allows its players to use a VPN or proxy application.
  6. Play in traditional casinosIf none of the above methods of how to get around self-exclusion work with you, the last way to bypass GamStop and continue playing is to go to one of the traditional casinos in the UK! However, this idea is completely unrealistic, given the social distancing measures that are still in place in the UK, as well as the loss of all the gamstop remove benefits that online casinos offer you, such as the ability to play anytime and anywhere with complete security and privacy!
  7. Wait until the end of the self-exclusion period!If for any reason you are unable or unwilling to use the how to reverse gamstop methods listed in this tutorial, you can always wait until the self-exclusion period ends. Once this happens, and when the cooling period is over, you can simply remove yourself from the GamStop circuit.
    GamStop allows this, and you always need to either remove yourself from the scheme or extend the exclusion period after your initial self-exclusion period has ended. However, you cannot make get around gamstop while the exclusion period is in effect.

Gambling with GamStop: pros and cons

Everything will always have its pros and cons. If you decide how to get off gamstop, you can get some benefit from it. For people who have seen the benefits of removing Gamstop, their choice is to play casino sites without Gamstop.

Here are some benefits of Gamstop removal:

  • A great way to find new casinos. How long does gamstop last methods open the door to more casino sites without Gamstop. This means that can i cancel gamstop gives you the opportunity to explore more casino sites and what they offer you.
  • More games and more bonuses. The absence of Gamstop will remove your restrictions on gambling and betting. Thus, you can play all the gambling offers that the casino offers how to gamble when on gamstop. You are also entitled to all the bonuses that are available on the casino website. Without Gamstop you can play as much as you want and enjoy full access to the casino site.
  • Play anytime. If Gamstop has blocked you from accessing gambling and you are wondering if i reverse gamstop, removing this feature from your gaming routine will help you get back to online gambling. This will help you enjoy all the things that a casino site has to offer its members.
  • Check your self-control. Removal of Gamstop places on you the responsibility of your own self-control in gambling. Thanks to gamstop remove exclusion, you can become more aware of your attitude to gambling and betting. You can also see how far you can go when spending your money on casino games. Removing Gamstop can improve your maturity and self-control as you have a better understanding of how much you are already betting on casino games.

Cancellation of a Gamstop may cause inconvenience to the player. If a player has registered with Gamstop, then how to stop gamstop? Bypassing its restrictions gives players an advantage, but for those who tried to work without it, their actions proved to be disadvantageous. Here are some disadvantages of canceling Gamstop.

  • Gambling addiction. Those who have issued gamstop cancel are at risk of developing a game addiction, as nothing prevents them from spending money on casinos. Due to gambling addiction, it is difficult for them to stop betting and playing at the casino site.
  • Debts and financial problems. Often this is a consequence of gambling addiction in the process of stop gamstop. When a person can’t control themselves because of gambling, they overspend their money and end up borrowing from others just to gamble. Then they sink deeper into debt and financial problems.
  • Return to gambling. If you’re a rehabilitated gambler, it’s possible that you’ll go back to your nasty gaming habits and become addicted to them again in the case of a reverse gamstop. This problem is often faced by those who have recovered from gambling addiction and again tried to play without restrictions.


The Gamstop system has strict rules restricting gamstop reversal for uk users, depriving them of their favourite gambling. But now you know a few ways how to gamble when on gamstop that will make it easy to ignore the self-exclusion function and how to cancel gamstop. Sign up again at the online casino, get welcome bonuses and play for real money at gamstop uk gambling. No more restrictions on bonuses, playing time and deposits.
Is there an easy way to get around Gamstop?
We are asked a lot of questions about how do i cancel gamstop, so in this article we have described all the most popular ways to bypass GamStop. Each of them is individual.
Can I cancel my Gamstop registration?
Unfortunately, cancel gamstop is not possible. Choose one of the reliable casinos without GamStop from our list.
Will Gamstop work if I change my name, address or other data?
Yes, this is another way like can you cancel gamstop.
Can I officially bypass Gamstop?
To apply for gamstop stop gambling you just need to play on gambling sites without GamStop.
How long does Gamstop last?
More and more people are asking how do i cancel gamstop and how long the period of restrictions lasts, but it all depends on your choice. We suggest not to waste time searching for a problem, but just to choose one of our recommended gaming platforms in this article.
What if gambling is still prohibited after gamstop ends?
If gamstop uk has restricted your actions, then simply register at a casino without GamStop.
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