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Blackjack american

Blackjack has always been considered one of the most card games out there. At the same time, another version of it – American blackjack – is no less in demand among gamblers. The European version of the game appeared in French casinos at the very beginning of the eighteenth century, while American blackjack emerged in the middle of the nineteenth, being a slightly modified version of the popular game. In principle, the rules have practically not changed, except that in the American version, the players have much more chances to manoeuvre. So, players can insure, increase rates, surrender or take additional cards.

American blackjack online in the slot machine market

black jack

The arrival of the Internet in human life has significantly changed the life of gambling people. Now they have no longer the need to visit ordinary land-based gambling establishments, and there is an opportunity to play their favourite games without leaving home, just online.

It is not surprising that the developers of gaming software literally immediately began to release slot machines with the most popular games. American blackjack is one of them. The best developers were engaged in the development of these slots, among which I would like to mention Playtech, one of the best providers, and Betsoft, a fairly young but firmly established company among the industry leaders. The first released a slot machine in 2016, and the second three years later.

How to play American blackjack online?

As in any blackjack, in this situation, the gameplay takes place between the dealer and the player. The game uses from 6 to 8 decks of cards.

After shuffling the deck, the dealer deals two cards to himself and the player. In this case, the players’ cards are closed, and the dealer has one card open, and the second remains turned over. Then the players look at their cards and make decisions about further actions.

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Rules to follow in American blackjack

If the dealer’s open card can be equal to 10 11 points (they turn out to be ten, any picture or Ace), then he needs to check the second card. In the event of a blackjack hit, other players are also checked for its availability. If only the dealer has such a combination, the money is sent to the casino. If several more players have blackjack, then their bets are returned. The player can also insure, increase bets, surrender or take another card.


When the dealer’s open card is Ace, the gambler has the opportunity to insure himself against the dealer’s blackjack. He can make a bet half the initial one. When the dealer has 21 points in his hand, the player is entitled to compensation of 2 to 1. But, if the player has blackjack on the first two cards, then he is paid a winnings with a coefficient of 1 to 1.

Doubling the rate

This chance can be used after drawing the first 2 cards. In case of bust, the player loses.

Increase or split rates

The player has the right to raise the bet by evaluating the cards after the deal. He also gets another card. Also, an increase is possible after a split, which implies the division of cards into two hands. Moreover, they must have the same dignity. In this case, the player makes a bet of the same amount as the previous one. Also, the player can get another card for each of the hands.

The opportunity to surrender

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If the player has weak cards on the deal, he can surrender, while giving half of the bet to the online casino.

American blackjack rules for the stickman

Dealers can only play up to 17 points. Also, the dealer is always the last to take the cards and open them.

Free American Blackjack Game

All online casinos provide the opportunity to play American blackjack for free using the so-called demo mode. Such a game is very convenient for gamblers who have not had time to understand the intricacies of playing this type of slot machine. To do this, you don’t even need to register a casino, just turn on the demo version of the game.

American blackjack casino bonuses

On some online gaming resources, it is possible to receive certain no deposit bonuses for playing on the American blackjack slot machine. These bonuses require indispensable wagering, while the size of the wager is set in advance by the administration of a particular casino.

Five tips for playing American blackjack


According to experienced gamblers, American blackjack, with the help of several simple tips, can even bring profit to the gamblers. There are quite a few of them, but here are the most important ones:

  • it is necessary to adhere to the established game budget;
  • choose for yourself the basic strategy of the game;
  • train for free, which will allow you to understand all the subtleties of the gameplay;
  • play at those tables where the betting limits correspond to the selected budget;
  • learn to count cards as professional players do.

Play American blackjack at online casinos. It’s incredibly fun and, with the right approach, won’t lead to big losses.

Frequently asked questions about American blackjack

American blackjack is a very popular game, so players ask many questions about it, several of which are repeated many times.

What does pushing mean in this blackjack?
A push is a so-called draw, when both the player and the dealer have the same cards in their hands. Bets are simply returned to the participants.
What are face cards in American blackjack?
Face cards are jacks, queens and kings.

Side bets

Many online casinos try to diversify the gameplay, allow the gambler to make side bets in addition to the main bet, and most often they do not depend on the outcome of the main bet.

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