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Roulette slots

Among all gambling games, perhaps the most famous is roulette and its various variations of free roulette online UK. It is a rotating wheel with 36 sectors of black and red colours distributed around the perimeter, as well as one more sector of green “zero”, with zero shown. Those taking part in the game process place bets on a specific number, on a colour (red or black), an even or odd number, etc. The croupier launches a metal or bone ball over the roulette wheel in the direction opposite to the rotation of the wheel. As a result, the ball stops on one of the sectors, after which the winners are those whose bets somehow coincided with the dropped sector.

The history of roulette.


Who would not say what, but the prototypes of roulette appeared in France somewhere in the sixteenth – seventeenth centuries. A more specific figure can be reported by the first documents prohibiting it as a game of chance. In 1745, the English king George II banned roulette (from the French word “roulette” – wheel). In the future, the game, which became more and more popular, became the main attribute of any gambling establishment, a legal casino or one of the underground.

The emergence of roulette in online casinos

The spread of the Internet had a significant impact on the gambling industry: like mushrooms, online casinos began to appear, to visit which players did not even have to leave their homes.
All online casinos offer customers to play roulette. At least in any of them, there is a wide selection of options for this favourite game of gambling.
Today, almost every gambling software developer considers it necessary to create their own version of roulette. so players always have a choice. Many developers have created slot machines with this exciting game: both the leaders of the gambling industry like Playtech and NetEnt and newcomers looking for their way to the hearts of gamblers.

How to start playing online roulette?


First of all, the player must understand all the intricacies of the game, otherwise playing for real money can bring complete frustration. All online casinos provide an opportunity to play for free on any slot machine, for which it is enough to launch the demo mode. So, each player has a chance to practice from the heart on any of the selected roulette options.
It should be noted that registration of a casino is not required for the demo mode, which does not even force a potential client of a gambling establishment to create an account on the casino website.

Basic rules you need to know to play roulette

As mentioned above, along the perimeter of the wheel there are red and black sectors with numbers from 1 to 36. There are also one or two green “zero” sectors with a zero. The number of such sectors depends on the type of roulette, which will be discussed below.
Players can place bets only after the dealer says: “Place your bets, gentlemen.” The sizes of the minimum and maximum betting limits are negotiated in advance. After the phrase “Bets are placed, there are no more bets” their acceptance ends. In this case, the ball is launched even before the end of the betting process. After the croupier announces the drawn number and colour of the sector, the winning money goes to the winners, and the losing bets go to the casino.

Popular bet types

There are many types of bets, the most popular of which are bets:

  • for a specific number;
  • on two adjacent numbers;
  • on 3, 4 or 6 numbers.

These are the so-called internal bets, there are also external ones that are outside the numbers of the playing field.
These include rates:

  • odd or even;
  • black or red;
  • a dozen;
  • on a horizontal line.

Existing types of roulette

Today there are three main types of roulette, which are found in ordinary casinos and on gaming Internet resources – European, French and American. Each species has its own characteristics, although the principle in these games is always the same.

European roulette

In this type of game, there are 37 sectors on the perimeter: 36 numbers and zero (zero). European roulette never offers to bet on zero.

American Roulette

In the American version of the game, there is another green sector (double zero), located opposite the standard zero. In this type of game, customers are allowed to place bets on the green sectors.

French roulette

Here everything is the same as in the European version, only there is an opportunity to bet on zero plus it is allowed to make oral bets, which is not the case on American roulette.

Betting strategies


Roulette is built on the theory of probability. Mathematics allows players to use already developed game strategies that seem to be able to bring winnings.

  1. Martingale system. Its essence lies in doubling the bet in case of loss. After winning, the amount of the bet does not change. It can only work if there is a large bonus roll.
  2. D’Alembert system. Great for beginners. Increasing rates step by step allows you to spend quantitatively less money.
  3. Fibonacci system. The simplest strategy. When making a new bet, add the sum of the two previous bets. It is never used as the main one.

Can you win on roulette in online casinos?

There is no guarantee of winning on any of the slot machines. At the same time, when using practical advice, the chances of losing are significantly reduced. Here they are:

  • it is necessary to maintain a sober mind in all situations;
  • loyalty to the chosen strategy;
  • you need to play on tables with low stakes;
  • never take it out.

Frequently asked Questions

Novice players constantly ask questions about roulette, some of which are repeated regularly.

Is it worth playing roulette at an online casino?
You should definitely try to play roulette. This is very interesting and there is a chance to earn a decent amount. Of course, first you need to practice in a free mode.
What are the most reliable online casinos for playing roulette online?
It is probably not worth specifying, since today you can find many online casinos on the Internet with positive reviews about their work. On this and base your choice.
Roulette is booming on the internet and no wonder. European roulette is fun, fast and very easy. On this page we have tried to detail all the features of one of the most popular variants of the game: European Roulette.

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