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Russian poker Slots

Russian poker originated in Russia back in the 1990s (hence the name) and has found its place in casinos throughout Europe.

Although he is not as popular as some other options, such as 3-card Russian poker, Caribbean or Ultimate Texas Holdem, you will still find a decent amount of sites offering to play Russian poker both online and live.

How to play Russian poker?

Russian poker adds uniqueness to your regular poker game Russian poker. In this game, players will fight in three hands, and, accordingly, the presence of three banks. This game does not use wild cards, casino bonuses, although this is completely optional and often remains at the discretion of the dealer. The only drawback of online Russian poker is that it is limited to 4 players.

Russian poker rules

Russian poker

Each player must ante the pot. After that, the dealer distributes 13 Russian poker payouts cards to each player. From these cards, players need to make three separate hands – top, middle and bottom.

  • The top hand in Russian poker

The top hand consists of five cards and must be superior to the middle hand.

  • Medium hand in Russian poker

The middle hand consists of five cards and must defeat the lower hand, but not the upper hand.

  • The bottom hand in Russian poker

The bottom hand will be three cards and should be the lowest-rated Russian poker of the three cards you have collected. Since there are only three cards in the lower hand, the ranks from lowest to highest will be as follows: high card, pair, three.

It is very important to understand that the hands must work together. If you’ve ever played Pai Gow Poker, the rules for the Russian poker wheel are similar. If a player has a three of a kind as his bottom hand, but only a pair in the middle hand and a straight in the top hand, he will end up losing, since the bottom hand should never exceed the middle hand.

Once the hands are formed, the final betting round begins and players must flip their hands. The Russian poker players first place their bottom hand, with the top three-card hand winning a quarter of the pot. The middle hand will then be shown, with the best hand winning the quarter of the pot, and finally, the best hand will be revealed, with the winner taking half the pot.

Betting strategies and tactics

Due to the many different options that players have when playing Russian poker, the optimal strategies for this how-to play Russian poker game can be quite complex. However, no matter what place you choose to register a casino to play from the current casino list, you need to know at least the basic strategy.

Without bothering you with math and numbers, this article on Russian Russian poker red velvet will provide you with some simple and proven slot machine strategies.

Purchase of the sixth card:

  • When you have a strong Russian poker hand, buy a sixth card to try to improve your payout or free spins.
  • Don’t buy a sixth card with a weak hand (no pair, no reasonable draw) – you’d better fold.
  • Buy the sixth celeb Russian poker card if you have a flush draw or an open straight draw.

Card exchange:

  • Swap two cards if the remaining three cards Russian Russian poker the lyrics make a straight flush or royal flush.
  • If you have ace-king, change the remaining three cards.
  • Exchange two cards if you have trips, provided the dealer does not show a card of the same rank as your trips.
  • Swap four cards and keep the queen if the dealer has 5 or fewer. Otherwise, discard.

There are simpler strategies that you can use in your celebs Russian poker game, but at the moment these should help you play the Russian poker table well enough and not lose too much money in situations where it is highly undesirable.

Player actions


Russian poker cams players move in turns, starting with the box to the left of the dealer – this is the right box, as seen from the side of the Russian poker simulator players at the table. Boxes are played in left-to-right order. All actions with the box must be performed before the next cell is played.

When playing a box, the American Russian poker wheel player looks at five cards and does one of the following:

  • Fold the box. The house takes over the stakes for this box.
  • Deal bet. The bet must be exactly double the ante amount for this box.
  • Buy the sixth card. The steam Russian poker player pays the casino an amount equal to the bet per box and receives an additional card from the deck.
  • Card exchange. The photo Russian poker player pays the casino an amount equal to the bet per box, discards up to four cards and receives the same number of replacement cards from the deck.

Dealer actions and payments

After all, the players of the Russian poker game are in turn played each box on which they play Russian poker online, the dealer’s hand is opened. The dealer qualifies with ace-king or better.

For all folded boxes dealer Russian Russian poker game has already received ante and any payment for drums, exchange or purchase cards, and further payments are not made of folded boxes.

For the boxes on which the red velvet Russian Russian poker player has made a bet, the result depends on whether the dealer is qualified, and if so, the player’s hand is better or worse than the dealer’s.

Bonus bets at Russian poker


In addition to the usual game, in some variations in strat Russian poker, there is also an opportunity to place a bonus bet. Basically, you are betting free Russian poker three or more cards higher on the original trade.

Bets pay 5 to 1, straights 50 to 1, and so on, up to a Royal Flush, which pays 1500 to 1.

If you make a qualifying bonus hand, you will be paid out immediately, regardless of whether the dealer qualifies or your hand beats him.

Haven’t played Russian poker yet? It’s time to begin!

Russian poker is quite different from other types of this board game, but it still deserves your attention. Evaluate the features of Netflix Russian poker and its merits in your personal practice.


How to start playing Russian poker?
Choose a casino without a license, which has Russian poker and start playing.
What is the best site for playing Russian poker?
Choose an online casino from our list and you are guaranteed to be satisfied.
How much can you earn at Russian poker?
It all depends on the skill level and the size of the initial deposit on the machines.

We need your feedback on the Russian poker strategy

If you have experience playing Russian poker, write to us about it. Describe all the pros and cons of this game.


Russian poker odds is definitely an interesting all online casino game that is a lot of fun everywhere. There are several solutions available on each hand, so you will quickly get involved in the Russian poker game. If this sounds appealing to you, try your hand today.

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