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The Asian Handicap is a type of betting that gained its fans at the beginning of the 21st century. It originated in Indonesia, where the name “Hang Cheng” is used, but in other parts of the world it is known as the Asian Handicap. Handicap betting is not very popular among bettors and not many bettors bet on it. Because there are still many people who get lost in them or don’t see the point in them. Believe me, it would be a real shame to miss out on this bet, as it is useful and gives players a decent chance of winning in betting sites with asian handicap. In today’s article, we will take a closer look at this particular type of betting and see how it works in practice, as well as how profitable this betting option is for best asian handicap bookmakers.

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What is Asian handicap in betting?

asian handicapFirst of all, many bettors are interested in the question: “What does Asian handicap mean?”, so let’s start with it.

The Asian Handicap is a way of eliminating the possibility of a draw in an event. It works a little differently than the traditional handicap. In Asian bookies handicap odds, we do not add whole numbers, but, for example, (+1.5), thus we exclude the possibility of dividing handicaps. After all, even if there is a tie on the field, an Asian Handicap bet will always result in a difference of at least “half a goal”. The name and Asian handicap meaning comes from the region where it was first used.

In the last decade of the 20th century, online bookies from Singapore, China, Indonesia and Malaysia introduced the Asian Handicap into their offerings. Although at first glance the bet may seem complicated, it is not, because today there are many Asian handicap calculators that make it easier to calculate. Thanks to the Asian handicap, you can increase the chances of a selected event and bring some excitement to the most one-sided competition.

Asian handicap meaning

Asian handicap is a type of sports betting market that originated in Asia and is commonly used in football (soccer) matches. It is designed to eliminate the possibility of a draw, which is a common outcome in football matches, by giving one of the teams a virtual head start or deficit.

In an Asian handicap bet, the perceived stronger team is handicapped by a certain number of goals, and the perceived weaker team is given a head start of the same number of goals. The purpose of this handicap is to level the playing field and make the match more competitive from a betting perspective.

How does Asian handicap work?

The Asian handicap means that one of the teams has an additional advantage before the start of the match. This eliminates the possibility of a draw, and then only two betting options remain in the match. Winning at home or away. For example, if a title contender is playing against an underdog and we are betting on the championship contender to win with asian handicap soccer (-2.5), this means that in order for the bet to win, he must win by at least three ball.

Asian handicaps are expressed in terms of fractions or whole numbers, and they can be both positive and negative. Here’s a basic explanation of how Asian handicap works:

  • Positive Handicap (+): If you bet on a team with a positive Asian handicap, that team begins the match with a hypothetical advantage. For example, if Team A has a +1 Asian handicap against Team B, it means that Team A starts the match with a one-goal lead. If the match ends in a draw or Team A wins, your bet is a winner. If Team B wins by a single goal, the bet is a push (void), and if Team B wins by two or more goals, your bet loses.
  • Negative Handicap (-): If you bet on a team with a negative Asian handicap, that team starts the match with a hypothetical deficit. For instance, if Team A has a -1 Asian handicap against Team B, it means that Team A must win by two or more goals for your bet to be a winner. If Team A wins by one goal, the bet is a push, and if the match ends in a draw or Team B wins, your bet loses.
  • Whole Number Handicap (0): In this case, there is no handicap applied, and the bet is based on the actual outcome of the match. If the match ends in a draw, your bet is void, and you get your stake back.

Asian handicap betting can offer bettors more options and flexibility, and it provides a way to bet on matches where one team is heavily favored. It eliminates the possibility of a tie (draw) outcome, which can make the betting experience more exciting.

Football asian handicap example

Liverpool face RB Leipzig in the second leg of the Champions League. In the first leg, the Reds won 2-0 at the opposition. Before the rematch, the experts assessed the chances of winning as very equal. Wanting to avoid a draw, we can compensate for this option Asian handicap.To do this, go to the detailed predictions section for the relevant event and select the handicap in the menu.At the very bottom you will find the Asian handicap in play.With this bet, it is much easier to determine the favorite of the meeting.The odds change dramatically, and we still have two Events to choose from If you think the team you’re adding half a point to is better, you’re also giving yourself a chance to win if the game is tied.

Where to find Asian lines?

Football is a suitable sport to do football betting asian handicap if you are planning to use Asian handicap for the first time. This is due to the fact that a draw is the likely outcome of such competitions, which means that some betting enthusiasts will be able to cover this potential result and not be left in the red.
In sports such as cricket and rugby, draws are also possible, but they happen much less often, so asian handicaps are not needed here and are not in demand. Sports such as basketball and netball, which have large total points, are very suitable for Asian total betting markets, but still, handicaps are not very in demand here, because inexperienced bettors do not understand the benefits of this kind of betting, but in vain.

Best asian handicap betting sites

Different Asian Handicap Bet Values

When considering the Asian handicap, it will not be very correct to consider it in general, because such a bet has a number of divisions that will determine the outcome of your bet in different ways. Therefore, before proceeding with the consideration of the Asian handicap, it is worth a little introduction to you.

So the Asian handicap has several types of bets, for example, halves, quarters, whole values, negatives, and so on. It also has various indicators, for example, 1.5 asian handicap, asian handicap 0.0 0.5 and so on. Each of them is applicable to certain situations and exactly which one you use can decide the fate of your monetary gain or possible failure. Therefore, we propose to consider the Asian handicap chart separately.

Asian handicap table

Asian handicap table

Zero ball bets – asian handicap 0.0

0 asian handicap is the same as the draw betting market. In this form of Asian Handicap, neither side actually receives a handicap, so it is most often applied when both teams are considered tied. If your choice is correct, your bet will be successful, regardless of the score. If the match ends in a draw, your bet will be returned.

Essentially, this market is identical to the “draw no bet” market.

If we take an example and assume the Asian handicap line is 0 in Manchester United vs Chelsea. This will mean that Manchester United will play to a draw.

Asian Handicap Handicap -0.25

The next option is also best understood with an example. Let’s say Real Madrid are playing Barcelona with an Asian handicap betting explained would look like this:

  • Real Madrid -0.25;
  • Barcelona +25 asian handicap.

This line suggests that the favored team (Real Madrid) is a quarter of a goal better than the underdog (Barca). By betting on a “quarter bet” you minimize your risk as it means you have two options to avoid losing your bet.

If you bet on Real Madrid at -0.25 and they win, you win your bet. But if the game ends in a draw, it will be considered a “half loss” and you will get half of your original bet back.

Asian handicap 0.5 meaning

Asian handicap 0.5The logic of half goals is simple and the best way to understand how this football betting market works is to look at an example.

Let’s say Manchester United play Chelsea at home. The bookmakers offer a line with an Asian handicap of -0.50, with Manchester United being the favorite with a half-goal handicap.

  • Manchester United (-0.50);
  • Chelsea (+0.50).

You think Manchester United will win this match, so you decide to bet on Manchester United (-0.50) with the Asian Handicap. If the team manages to win, your bet will win. In the event of a draw or Chelsea win, your bet will lose.

In case the Asian football handicap line is 1.50 and not 0.50, this means that Manchester United must win at least two goals to cover this bet. For example, if Manchester United wins 1-0, this is not enough. You must “subtract” 1.5 goals from their score for bet purposes. The same logic applies to half-goal lines in the Asian Handicap, whether it be 2.50, 3.50 or even more.

Asian handicap – 1 meaning

-/+ 1 asian handicap means one team is one goal better than their opponent. The odds will look like this:

  • Bavaria -1.0;
  • Paris Saint-Germain +1.0.

Those betting on Bayern (the favourite) need the team to win by two or more. If Bayern win by one goal, it will be a draw and your bet will be returned. If they lose with a crushing score, the bet is considered lost.

Conversely, bettors at PSG will only win their bet if the game ends with the Parisians winning. If the underdog team loses by a score of two or more, your bet is considered a loser. In the event of a tie on an asian handicap 1 bet, your bet will be refunded.

Asian handicap-1.5

In the case of such Asian handicap football, the team you have chosen starts the match with a deficit of one and a half goals. If you bet on Liverpool to win over Leicester City with a -1.5 Asian handicap, the Reds must win the match by at least two goals for your bet to win. Losing, drawing or winning by just one goal to Liverpool will result in the bet being lost. Obviously, this type of Asian Handicap bet should only be used in matches where one of the teams appears to be the clear favourite.

Asian Handicap Betting Tips

If you want to try this football betting market and find a way to make a profit in the long run, you need to understand how odds and lines are set and how they change, and read our asian handicap tips.

  • Statistics are your best friend

This is a more general tip that applies to almost all types of football betting, but it is extremely important when it comes to Asian handicaps. You should always check previous results and evaluate them to get the best idea of ​​what to expect. To begin with, look at the big picture, evaluating the results of both teams over the past few months or even more. This will generally show you the overall quality of the sides.

  • Analysis of short-term trends

Of course, you should always try to understand the reason for any differences between long-term expectations and short-term trends. Sometimes the team has more self-confidence, or there may be injuries and disqualifications that affect the level. Simply put, spend a lot of time studying statistics. It’s worth it if you want to make money betting on football with asian handicap bookies.

  • Team news is extremely important

In modern football, there is a large rotation of the composition. Teams do not use the same group of 14 or 15 players as in the past. They have a roster of 20 or more players and coaches and managers try to take full advantage of that.

Regardless of the reason for personnel changes, you should always study team news to try and understand what is happening and why. Start with the basics and check for injuries and disqualifications. Even if only one player is missing, this can completely change the situation.

  • Opponent Styles Matter

As with many other sports, the styles of opposing football teams can greatly influence the outcome of a match. Some teams find opponents playing in a certain style very difficult, while against teams of a different style they play well. For example, a team that plays well from behind and plays on the counter will be a problem for an opponent that relies mainly on attack and plays shaky from behind. This is just one obvious example, but the details are very important. Try to analyze the styles of each team in any match you bet on.

Benefits of Asian Handicap Betting

Betting on markets with alternative asian handicap has a number of advantages:

  • Even if the team you bet on loses, your Asian handicap betting can still win or be voided, depending on the handicap. This reduces the risk of losing a bet compared to the 1X2 market.
  • Asian Handicaps is the market of choice for many professional bettors, which means that this market usually offers the best odds and odds, as well as long-term profit potential.
  • Asian handicap bet margins are lower as draws are excluded, giving you a better chance of making steady profits over time.
  • By removing the seeming superiority between the two teams, this gives bettors more options to bet on teams that are favored.
If you are new to betting, then the understanding of the Asian handicap is explained to you, because. can be tricky. That is why our material will perfectly help you. Learn how the Asian Handicap works, learn the tips and benefits, and then the profit is sure to be in your hands. Well, if you are an experienced player, we hope that after reviewing the Asian handicap will bring you even more benefits, good luck!”
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