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Gambling involves real money bets. Modern pay by phone casinos makes it possible to replenish the account in any convenient way – using bank credit cards, e-wallets, or mobile transfers.

When replenishing an account through a mobile operator, you can deposit any amount of money into your account – from 5 pounds to several thousand pounds. Both available funds and credit can be used – at the beginning of the month, the operator will issue a payment for replenishing the deposit.

Gaming platforms encourage customers in every possible way for replenishing virgin accounts, that is, by replenishing an account immediately after registration, the player will receive pleasant gifts and discounts. Often, pay by mobile casinos charge an additional no deposit bonus for replenishment through a mobile operator.

In our review, we will look at the advantages of the paying by phone method of deposit replenishment, online casinos that let you deposit money using your phone bill or prepaid balance, as well as the mobile casino pay by phone account replenishment algorithm.

The reviews list the best reputable gaming platforms in the UK and USA.

Best Pay by Phone Casino UK

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What is a pay-by-phone casino?

Payment through a mobile operator appeared relatively recently, but the first pay by mobile casino UK has already opened in Britain. To use the method, you just need to register at an online casino, go through the verification stage and link your phone number to your account. In your personal account, you can check if payment is available via a mobile phone.

The method allows you to quickly make deposits to your casino account using your mobile phone. The amount spent will be added to your monthly phone bill. The online casino deposit with phone bill payment method has a number of advantages over traditional methods of conducting transactions.

Paying via a mobile phone significantly speeds up the process of replenishing an account in an online casino and does not require complicated confirmations, but it requires developing a new habit – checking a mobile phone account within a month, so as not to overdo it and not exceed the budget limit.

The essence of payment in pay by phone casino not on gamstop resembles a regular account on satellite TV or even hotel accommodation, that is, additional services are simply added to a monthly account.

How does a UK mobile billing casino work?

Replenishment of an account in pay by mobile casinos does not differ from the standard algorithm for making a deposit. So, the user needs:

  1. Register on the site, go to your personal account, and click on the “Deposit replenishment” button.
  2. Choose Payforit or Boku from the available methods.
  3. Enter the top-up amount in the field.
  4. Provide a phone number.
  5. Receive a message with a special code and enter it in the field.

Within a few minutes, funds will be credited to the account, and the player will receive a message about successful payment.

Unlike bank cards or e-wallets, mobile deposit casino does not require personal data – a phone number is enough.

There are several ways to replenish a deposit at a phone bill deposit casino:

  • Payment via phone bill. The monthly amount spent in an online casino fits into the total bill of the mobile operator. After paying for it, the user will be able to make transactions again until a new payment is issued. This approach is not entirely in line with the spirit of the latest recommendations from the UK Gambling Commission. The UKGC wants people not to gamble with money they don’t have.
    Although the method is still not officially banned, it has already begun to gradually disappear from the UK mobile phone deposit casinos.
  • Payment through a loan to the phone. Prepaid phone numbers allow you to fund your online casino deposits with a phone loan. The advantage of the method is that prepaid SIM cards are often anonymous. By limiting deposits to the amount that is on the account at the moment, the user will be able to control the budget and avoid rash waste of funds.
  • Pay using mobile top-up. By replenishing the deposit through a mobile operator with a monthly subscription, the user can add the amount spent to the regular account for number maintenance.
  • Payment by SMS. This is not a separate method of replenishing a casino phone bill deposit, but a component of all the above methods. When replenishing an account in an online casino, the user needs to enter the code from the message in the field on the site, or send a number to the specified number to confirm the transaction.

Depending on the operator you choose, you can decide on the method of replenishment in a mobile casino. Mobile operators allow you to borrow funds and pay the invested amount at the end of the month when a general invoice for service will be drawn up.

Pay with mobile casino bonuses

deposit by phone casinoWhen choosing mobile pay casinos, you should pay attention to the available bonuses and promotions. New gaming platforms often use gifts to expand their client base, so newbies can get pleasant bonuses for registering, passing the verification stage, replenishing a deposit, and choosing a specific method of conducting a transaction.

The gift can include both free spins and money for a deposit.

Another option for receiving bonuses at deposit with a mobile casino is to use promotional codes. They can be found on advertising banners of online casinos, in a welcome message from the bookmaker, or by requesting technical support. Often, experts publish active codes in their online casino reviews, drawing the attention of players to a specific platform.

It should be mentioned that each gift is unique and requires special conditions for withdrawing funds to the card. In the description of the bonus, the wager indicator (the number of times required for wagering), the activation period, the conditions for receiving, the withdrawal limits, the list of games to which the gift is applied are indicated.

Before accepting a gift at the casino deposit by phone bill, you should carefully read the terms of the bonus in order to understand whether the gift has potential or not.

 Pay by phone casino not Boku

Although Boku is one of the most popular mobile payment methods, modern pay by phone casinos not Boku supports other deposit methods as well.

Among the popular alternatives to the Boku service, it is worth highlighting Fonix or Apple Pay, which have a similar algorithm of action but also have some differences.

The main reason why users prefer alternative casino phone deposit options is the low deposit limit of the Boku casinos service. Alternative methods allow you to increase the daily limit for replenishment of funds, which gives players the opportunity to purchase chips at favorable rates and receive generous bonuses.

You can see what methods pay by mobile casino not Boku the site supports on the main page – services are indicated by icons.

Pay by phone mobile deposit options

Modern online casinos offer a wide variety of methods of replenishment casino deposit by mobile, among which the most popular are:

  • Boku. Leading independent mobile payments provider in the UK with operations in several other countries in Europe, Asia, and America. Funding with Boku is very easy. You need to select a service for payment, enter a phone number and a top-up amount. Then you need to confirm the payment via SMS. After the first payment, the system will remember the number and payments can be made automatically. The service is found in almost every pay by phone casino UK.
  • Payforit. Many UK casinos support Payforit. It is a direct mobile billing method created and adopted by all major UK network operators. Now the list of operators includes Vodafone, Virgin, EE, O2, Three. The replenishment algorithm does not differ from Boku, the main thing is to make sure that the selected mobile operator cooperates with the Payforit service.
  • Apple Pay. It is the preferred method of making a deposit for iOS users all over the world. Their list includes owners of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Apple Pay is convenient to use at store checkouts as it is a scannable digital wallet. In fact, the principle of the service does not differ from banking methods, but it offers advanced functionality and allows you to track payments in a mobile application. ApplePay payments are secure and transaction information is not shared with third parties. The service is good not only for replenishing mobile casino deposits by phone bill, but also for withdrawing funds.
  • PayViaPhone. The service appeared on British gambling platforms relatively recently but has already gained a reputation as a safe and confidential way to replenish a deposit. The user needs to download the separate PayViaPhone Casino 2022 app, available to all UK players, and pay deposits directly from there – provided that the casino of their choice is listed. Payments are either debited from a bank card or recorded in a mobile account and issued by the operator at the end of the month. In terms of security, any casinos that support PayViaPhone are regulated by the Gambling Commission.
  • Zimpler. The service is similar to Boku, but Zimpler collects all bank, card, and account payments in one place to make it easier to track finance, and then links them all to a mobile phone number so users can get a complete overview of their spending. By setting up Zimpler as a payment method in pay by mobile casino not Boku, the user can deposit funds to the account. After specifying the registered phone number and the amount of payment, he will receive a 4-digit code, which must be entered in a special field. As soon as the code is activated, the payment will be processed immediately.
  • Banking methods. In addition to the latest methods of replenishing deposits by phone bill casino, there is a classic option – using bank cards. After downloading the official mobile application, the user can pay for the deposit in two clicks, confirming the payment on the spot. The most common banking methods on UK platforms are Visa and Mastercard.

Depending on the operator used and the chosen online casino, the user can give preference to one of the above methods. Each service has been thoroughly tested and has a transparent reputation among online casino customers.

Why pay by mobile phone bill?

Paying a bill through a mobile operator in a phone deposit casino is gaining more and more popularity in the UK, having a number of advantages over traditional methods.

The first reason for the popularity of the method is the absence of a commission for payments. Unlike debit and credit cards, mobile operators do not charge additional fees for transfers.

Payments are known for their security and privacy. A monthly account in О2 or Vodafone is available only to the owner of the phone number and is not transferred to third parties. No “casino deposits” will appear on your bank balance or credit card account.

The installed mobile network has first-class security to avoid hacking, so all payments are carefully protected and fraudsters cannot intercept funds or access money in the account of the number owner.

Replenishment of deposit by phone bill casino differs also in the speed of payment. So, funds are transferred to the account instantly – immediately after the user confirms the transaction.

In addition, all payments can be made on the road – it is enough to have a stable Internet connection, which significantly saves time and allows you to enjoy gambling anywhere.

Withdrawing payments from telephone bills

Replenishment of a deposit in a casino with a mobile deposit has the main feature – the withdrawal of funds will be available only after the user presents proof of payment of the mobile account.

Since the money is debited from the mobile operator’s account actually on credit, the online casino cannot pay the price until the debt is paid in full.

In addition, if the monthly payment is not repaid, then further replenishment of deposits is not possible until the debt is paid.

This practice in pay by phone bill casino promotes a responsible attitude to the funds of a mobile operator and the ability to plan a budget.

If you have any questions about mobile payment, you can contact the technical support of the gaming platform and get prompt advice.

Replenishment of a deposit by mobile casino through a mobile operator is gaining popularity on British gambling platforms. The advantage of this method is complete security and confidentiality of transactions, which take only a few minutes. Funds can be borrowed - the operator adds the money spent to the monthly service fee. The disadvantage of the method is the need to fully pay the debt to the mobile operator before unlocking the withdrawal function.
Is it safe to deposit using a mobile device?
Yes. All available mobile banking methods at online casinos are thoroughly tested and have a transparent reputation. Mobile operators guarantee fast, confidential and secure transfers of funds.
Is it completely free to pay by phone?
Yes. When paying with casino deposit by phone, the mobile operator does not charge an additional commission for the transfer of funds.
What games can you play by playing in a pay-by-phone casino?
Modern pay with phone casinos are no different from traditional gambling platforms, providing customers with access to a wide range of games - both slots and table games.
Is it legal to pay with mobile slots in the UK?
Yes. The British Gambling Commission issues mobile deposit casino licenses if the platform meets the necessary quality criteria.
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