Dota 2

Lately, you can often hear the word esports. However, not everyone knows what eSports is. In a nutshell, this is a computer game competition. Today there are many popular games for which there are professionals. Professionals form groups and take part in in-game tournaments. One of these games is Dota 2

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Valve Game Creator

Valve is an American gaming company that has developed games such as Half-Life , Portal, Counter-Strike , TeamFortress, DayofDefeat , Left 4 Dead, Ricochet , AlienSwarm, Dota 2, Artifact and DotaUnderlords

What is a Dota 2 game?

Dota 2 – at a game in the MOBA genre of the well-known game developer Valve’s. DOTA means “Protection of the Ancients” in English. This is the essence of the game. You must control one of 116 heroes and protect your ancient with four allies, you need to destroy the enemy’s throne, he is also protected by five players like you.

Abilities in the game

There are 116 completely different heroes in the game, and each hero has at least four unique abilities (so-called skills). The exception is Invoker, which has up to 10 skills in its arsenal.

Usually three simple ability and one Ulta (the so-called ultimatum).

Abilities can be divided into active and passive. Active abilities are abilities used when the player presses a button (for example, a racing skill), while passive abilities that do not require pressing are applied by themselves (for example, allows WraithKing to respawn after death in the same place after three seconds).

Dota2 effects

  • Abilities tend to retain any effect, around 7 effects in total.
  • Stun – when applied to a hero, prohibits an action, such as moving or using items.
  • Silence – When thrown at your hero, it prevents him from using his abilities.
  • Root – When applied to a hero, it inhibits the hero’s movement, but allows some skills to be used.
  • Disarming – when applied to a hero, it is forbidden for him to attack.
  • Slowdown – when applied to a hero, slows down movement.
  • Healing – applied to a hero restores the hero’s health.
  • Immortality – when used on a hero – makes it possible not to die, and so on

In addition to abilities, there are in-game items purchased for gold, which are then used to kill enemy heroes or units.

Currently, about 100 items have been added to the game, each of which has its own unique characteristics.

There are various combinations of heroes and items. This is the only reason Dota looks like a very difficult game, but it is not that difficult if you understand what this hero or that hero is capable of and what items are best to collect for him. To do this, you need to practice for about a month.

All Dota heroes can be divided into the following categories.

Core hero (a hero from whom it makes no sense to use him at the beginning of the game and who can only earn gold, but after a while, he becomes a killing machine.)

Support heroes (unlike the main character, these heroes who help the cores get gold can be very strong without items).

What is the Dota 2 online game usually built on?

Five heroes recruited, supported by two of the hero, and one core -geroy run in 12 minutes and try to kill enemy heroes. One hardliner goes to the off lane, in the role of initiator or tank. The point is to collect as much experience and money as possible. The bottom line is to farm objects and after a while start killing the enemy team.

Dota 2 as a professional esports

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Dota 2 by Valve Corporation is a very popular video game in the MOBA (Massively Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. This game is also one of the largest sports games in the world and the best bookmakers have many opportunities to bet on Dota.

The beginning of the MOBA was controversial for some, but the first widespread example of a MOBA was a player-generated map called DefenseoftheAncients, a WarCraft III real-time strategy game for Blizzard Entertainment. The content was created using the game but is not owned or owned by Blizzard itself. One of the mod’s developers, known as ” Icefrog “, was hired by Valve as the head designer for Dota 2.

Betting Guide – How to bet on Dota 2 matches

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The odds are simple. Bookmakers now calculate prices in two systems: US and decimal. Firstly, I think it is clear where it is used, but not in the CIS countries. Therefore, we will not focus on this and move on to the second system, which works only for us. The decimal fraction works in Europe, and most importantly in the CIS countries, but it is worse and is not understood. All in all, as our reader, you are likely to come across decimal notation when placing your bets.

It works like this:

  1. Each game team is analyzed in detail by a bookmaker analyst.
  2. They also identify favourites and outsiders.
  3. By the way, the assessment is fairly fair.
  4. It is very important that the odds may change before the start of the match. It depends on the number of people making up a particular team. But in general, much does not change.
  5. Stronger teams have lower odds and weaker teams have higher odds.

For example, consider and TeamEmpire, each with potential conflicts. Given the level of the team, it is obvious that the VP is popular in this match. Those. Their win rate is low (eg 1.3). Empires are outsiders and have a low win rate (for example, 2.8).

Well, regarding your prize money. Let’s say you bet $ 10 on your VP to win. In this case, the prize will be $ 13. However, if you bet $ 10 on Empire, your prize is $ 28.

Dota2 winning strategy

The strategic part of the game is primarily a team play, therefore it is the most important element of the Dota 2 game. As a shooter, you can trust the accuracy with which he can play a decisive role, but here it is much more important. Team actions. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right set of letters and collect the right artefacts, depending on the strategy you choose.

The whole game starts with choosing a hero. Some characters may pre-determine their strategy and require special attention. This is primarily due to the important roles: middle and support. For example, if the opponent chooses a character like the Prophet of Nature, Chen, or the Drow Ranger, you should expect an aggressive attack.

At the same time, heroes such as Specter, NagaSiren and Anti-Mage are more likely to demonstrate passive strategies, since their potential only manifests itself in the second half of the game (second half of the game). Some universal characters are relevant at any stage of the game and find it difficult to determine the strategy of their opponents – Invoker, OgreMagi, Juggernaut.

There are three main types of different strategies in total: pushing, split- pushing, and late games.

Esports betting

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The player’s attitude to the match directly depends on the winning pool being played. Top-level teams devote everything only to expensive championships, and the rest is taken into account in training, testing new strategies in “combat conditions”, training beginners and much more. The first moment you place a bet, always ask how important it is for your team in a match.

Another point is the impact on matches. They meet even at the highest level of championships, which should upset the organizers. Large disqualifications such as top athletes, teams and competitions help partly reduce the enthusiasm of foul fans, but this precludes the fact that it is very easy to lose a match in the cyber competition. It’s not obvious. Nobody guesses. And this is often used by both individual athletes and the entire team.

A big bet on one of the teams inevitably raises the suspicion of influencing the matches. Therefore, even if you are confident that a certain team will win, you should not be too happy to go all-in.

Dota 2 betting strategy

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Dota 2 is the toughest area to predict in esports. By definition, there is no risk-free betting here, so playing outsiders costs money.

The outcome of a match in Dote is determined by many factors, including the hero you choose, your level, your abilities, and the level of team play. During the years of serious competition in this area, there were no sufficiently stable teams. For comparison, there are several top teams in CS: GO: they practically do not lose.

Dota 2 bet betting at Bet365

If you have not registered with Bet365, there is a great sign up bonus offer for you. Up to £ 100 can be obtained with simple registration, with a minimum deposit of £ 5. The funds received can be spent on bets.

Dota 2 betting on Betway

If you are a new user, you will be able to receive welcome bonuses from Betway. At certain times and days, there are promotions and bonuses for beginners. Bonuses can be up to $ 30 on your first deposit. Bets ( Dota 2 matches ) can also be made like on other sites. Upon receiving a welcome bonus, money can be spent on a bet, including on Dota 2.

Bet Dota 2 on Unikrn

You can place bets on Dota 2 gaming events at the Unikrn bookmaker with a minimum deposit of $ 10. The site has only 2 types of bets on Dota 2 games – on the exact victory of one of the teams and the outcome that determines the victory of one team in a particular round.

Dota 2 betting options

There are a lot of betting options on Dota 2, you can bet on almost any event. Regardless of the device, be it a PC, laptop, tablet or phone, it is not difficult to place a bet. Usually, a Dota 2 match lasts from 20 to 70 minutes, during which time you can place a bet live or in advance on the outcome (line). By exchanging game items, you can place a bet or in the traditional way – with real money. In addition, different bookmakers have bonus systems and promotions that issue virtual currency (often it can be exchanged for real money or made bets).

In addition to betting in real-time, you can bet on Dota 2 matches before the start of any outcome. The ratio can often be higher than in real-time due to higher risks. Before the start of the match, you can bet on the exact outcome, total cards over or under, handicap of the selected team, total kills over or under, total minutes over or under. Additionally, there is an opportunity to bet on the victory of the team in the tournament before the start of the match.

It turned out to be easier than ever to place a bet on the outcome of an event, all bookmakers offer their users to make at least one bet to make sure that the eSports is fully functional. Having made a bet, the user has the opportunity to view the live broadcast of the selected match, which allows him to immerse himself in the world of esports in depth.

Real money gambling on Dota 2 matches betting sites takes place in real-time. In the event, the heroes play at least 2 roles, but sometimes much more, which allows you to make several bets on the same character. Many gamblers know not by hearsay about the games held on many sites with Dota 2 bets. Gambling takes place in the form of bets, and a certain condition is set for winning, total, handicap, etc.


Gambling with in-game content in Dota 2

Often, gambling bets with in-game content are not allowed, so players bypass the system through “third parties”, for example, steam (use not as a game on the site, but as an intermediary through a betting site). DotA 2 lounge is a platform where you can place bets on in-game events by placing your items, skins, etc. as a bet. These in-game items (skins, special items, etc. ) are often of great value among the Dota 2 community, so they are ready to pay well for such a local “currency”. It is on expensive in-game things that Dota 2 keeps.

All items and skins have their own value. Making any bet for a certain item, the player either receives the declared items as a prize to his inventory, but if he loses, the skin or item will not be returned only if there is a return of the bet. Through the trading function of the steam client, players place bets by giving their items from the inventory to the account of the site on which they place the bet. After the successful transfer of items from the inventory to the account, the bet will be counted, now it must win or lose. In case of loss, the player receives nothing.

People who are not related to data 2 may not know where and to whom to sell or buy inventory items. Of course, you can sell items on the steam site itself, but there is a catch, the funds from the sale of skins can only be spent on internal purchases of the service. To exchange skins and items for real money, you need to go to the exchanges for the purchase and sale of game items. But not all exchange sites can boast of their reputation and reliability, so you should rely on reviews, reviews and forums about these exchanges.

There are specialized Dota 2 betting markets. Live matches (in real-time) are great for more experienced players. The ability to analyze and a good knowledge of the game will help in a successful bet. Bookmakers have foreseen the trend of live broadcasts and added live broadcasts to their sites that anyone can watch. But the main problem is that lately, the number of speciality markets is falling in comparison with sporting events.

A regular user places bets on special Dota 2 gambling markets :

  • card winner,
  • series,
  • match.

Special markets bets are bets on the first team to hit any limit. Usually, in the markets, it is quite easy to predict the outcome of an event, therefore bookmakers do not include these events in their offers, you will have to look for them yourself. Speaking of Roshan kills and barracks, many are betting on the best team to win. Supporting the “best team” can make good money, but you should take into account the risks, without them anywhere.

Getting an edge on betting in Dota 2

To get the maximum advantage from bets, you need to understand the general structure of bets and the game of Dota 2 in general. It is worth considering the state of the players who are competing in the matches, that is, keeping track of them, taking into account the tactics of their game. Even the most casual reading of an informational article will give good results in a short time. Having watched the best championships with top players, you will be able to better understand the mechanics of the game and at what point to place a bet. Watch broadcasts with professional announcers (such as TobiWan ), these people, like no one else, know the subject of eSports by mouth. Do not forget about the newcomers to Dota 2 esports, they can present themselves in excellent quality, therefore, they will increase the profitability from bets.

When analyzing the best players, it should be noted their data:

  • Number of killed (k)
  • Number of deaths (d)
  • Last Hits (LH)
  • Gold production per minute (GPM)
  • XP Gaining Per Minute (XPM)
How to choose the best Dota 2 betting site?
Can I place bets on Dota 2 from my mobile phone?

Watching broadcasts, placing bets, analyzing esports events, the player leaves feedback on the system’s operation, his experience and shares useful tips. Most of the users who want to make their first bet need more specific knowledge of the bookmaker sites and the entire betting system, and more experienced users help them in this matter.

Stephen Buirdecker (EN)
Professional online casino reviewer
In conclusion, I want to say that Dota 2 has great potential and gambling in it has just begun its development. Betting on Dota 2 is becoming more interesting every year, so any player who loves sports betting and games should take a closer look at esports betting.
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How to choose the best Dota 2 betting site?
you need to rely on rating, reviews, reviews. The best betting site should have all the benefits for a user-friendly experience.
Can I place bets on Dota 2 from my mobile phone?
yes, many bookmakers have already adapted sites for many devices, including phones.