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French roulette

Roulette Wheel – It was first invented in the 17th century by the French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal when he sought to create a perpetual motion machine. This version of the wheel was primitive, but it paved the way for a game that would dominate European casino halls. By the end of the 18th century, roulette had become an incredibly popular game. The wheel itself had a red zero and a black double zero pocket.

In 1843, brothers François and Louis Blanc introduced the one-zero roulette wheel in the German resort town of Bad Homburg. This was done to compete with French casinos, which were the dominant gambling establishments in Europe. After local authorities outlawed gambling, the French moved to Monte Carlo, which to this day is known as one of the most prestigious gambling establishments in the world, thanks in part to the involvement of the Blanc brothers. There were rumours and legends about how François Blanc learned the secrets of roulette by making a deal with the devil. This ridiculous and ludicrous idea is based on the fact that adding all the numbers on the roulette wheel gives you 666.

French roulette

French roulette

French Roulette uses the same betting options as European Roulette. Both games are almost identical, with the exception of two very important rules that players of the French version can take advantage of.
French Roulette has some rules that are not found in other versions of the game. These are “La partage” and “En Prison”. La partage dictates that when you lose an outside bet because the ball is in zero pockets, you can get half your bet back. On the other hand, the Prison rule gives you another chance to win back the money made on the outside bet when the ball hits zero. The bet remains in the same place and is marked as “En Prison”. If the next spin wins, you will get your bet back, but if it loses, in the online casino uk, will take it back. These rules work in the player’s favour and apply exclusively to French roulette. They provide the same statistical advantage and cut the house edge when betting on equal money in half, down to 1.35%.
The French roulette table layout is specific and differs from the American and European ones. The grid of numbers is laid out horizontally across the table. Outside bets are placed on either side of it, with high, even and black bets on top and low, odd and red bets on the bottom. A dozen bets are presented at both the top and bottom right of the grid.

French Roulette Betting

Roulette is one of the most diverse games in the world of gambling, due in part to the variety of bets you can place on each spin. Each time you play, you can place different bets, each with its own unique odds and payout rates. Bets are placed according to the table layout and depending on where you place them, there are two types – inside and outside bets. Below you will find a detailed explanation of each possible bet, including their chances of success and the expected payout.

Internal rates

French roulette

  1. Internal bets include the bets you place on the table of numbers, and they cover everything from a single number bet to an entire group of bets.
    Straight Up is a bet where you place one or more chips on one number. This bet has a high risk of losing, but also very high rewards if you manage to win. The Straight Up has a 2.7% chance of success, while the payout ratio is 35: 1. The chip must be placed in a square with a specific number.
  2. A split is a bet where you place a bet on two adjacent numbers at the same time (for example, 4-5). For you to win, the ball must land on one of two numbers. Your chances of winning are 5.40% and your payout is 17: 1. The chip must be placed on the border between two numbers.
  3. A street is a bet where you place your bet on a horizontal line of three numbers (for example, 4-5-6). The winning condition for this bet is that the ball lands on one of the three numbers. The probability of winning on this bet is 8.10% and the payout ratio is 11: 1. To make this bet, you will need to place your chip at the far end of the line.
  4. A corner bet is a bet on four adjacent numbers at the same time (for example, 4-5-7-8). If the ball lands on one of these numbers, you win the bet. You can expect to be successful 10.81% of the time and you will receive an 8: 1 payout for every win. The chip must be placed at the intersection of the four numbers on the grid.
  5. Double Street or Six Line is a bet where you place a bet on 6 numbers in two adjacent horizontal lines (for example, 1-2-3-4-5-6). For you to win this bet, the ball must land on one of these numbers. Your chances of winning are 16.51% and your payout is 5: 1. The chip is placed at the intersection of the two lines.
  6. The trio is a bet where you place a bet on three numbers, one of which is zero and the other two are adjacent. For example, a trio bet can cover 0-1-2 or 0-2-3. The trio is similar to the Street bet and has the same winning odds and payouts.

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