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Roulette American

Modern online casinos can offer their visitors not only reels but also roulettes. They are presented in the form of slots or games with live dealers. At the same time, several modifications of that game can be presented on the site at once. One of the most popular is Roulette usa or American Roulette. This variety, despite the additional advantage of the casino in the form of double zero, has a high return coefficient and can bring really big wins.
Roulette usa game appeared in America in the 19th century. Its spread is associated with the influx of French emigrants. However, the traditional European game did not gain widespread popularity in the States. Roulette odds has become a cult story. In the 2000s, the Russian Roulette usa game show was popular. In addition, the hit from the singer Rihanna Russian roulette usa is popular. The query “Russian roulette usa lyrics” is still quite popular in search engines.
If we talk about the game itself, roulette usa is popular in the online version. It is present in many virtual casinos. In land-based establishments, there are always several tables. Celeb roulette usa can often be found at the tables in Las Vegas, Atlanta and other major cities.

Rules of the game


How to play roulette USA? The roulette USA wheel is similar to the traditional roulette wheel. There are 38 cells on it, two of them are zero and double zero. This difference in the american roulette usa wheel gives the casino a 5.26% volume advantage. Zero is colored green. If you look at photo roulette usa, the rest of the cells of the playing field are colored black and red. Two zeros are located opposite each other, dividing the playing field into two compartments of 18 compartments.

American Roulette Betting

The main goal of a player in roulette USA is to guess where the ball will land. The player can make the following types of bets:

  • On a certain number – in this case, the winning will be 1 to 35. The player places the chip on the cell with the selected number. Zero bets are available.
  • Split, that is, into two rooms. The chip is placed on the line dividing the cell. The winnings are paid at a ratio of 1 to 17.
  • Straight – a bet on a row, that is, three numbers. The chip is placed on the dividing line of the inner and outer zones of the betting area. The payout ratio when winning is 11 to 1.
  • Bet on two cells + zero. The chip is placed at an angle between numbers and zero. Pays 11 to 1.
  • Four of a kind – a bet on four cells is paid at a coefficient of 8 to 1.
  • Fest-fo – a bet on cells of a transverse row and zero. It is paid at a coefficient of 8 to 1. The chip is placed at the corner of the selected row and zero.
  • Six line – a bet on cells of two transverse rows, paid at a coefficient of 5 to 1.
  • Per column, that is, immediately by 12 cells. In case of victory, the winning will be 2 to 1.
  • Into a dozen, the cells of the playing field are divided into three dozen (1 through 12, 13 through 24, 25 through 36). The bet is paid at 2: 1 odds.

Also, players can place bets on red or black, even or odd, a series (that is, a segment of the reel), neighbours (one number and two cells to the right and left).

Varieties of virtual roulette usa


All online casinos offer roulette usa online. However, on some sites, it is presented only as a slot machine. In large virtual gambling establishments, a live version is also offered.

Slot machines with roulette usa

The slot machines are roulette usa simulator. Basically, a game table with a wheel is a simulation. The cell on which the ball will fall will be determined by a random number generator. At the same time, the chances of winning in roulette usa odds slots are about the same as when playing in a regular casino. Roulette usa machines are produced by many major providers. Some of the most popular are offered by Evoplay Entertainment.
Slot machines with roulette usa are available both for real money games and in a free demo version. The latter offers free roulette usa to all visitors to the casino website. To place bets, players are provided with demo credits. However, the winnings will also be virtual.
Registration at the casino allows you to go to the game for money and roulette usa payouts. At the same time, many gambling establishments offer presents to new customers. Casino bonuses can be presented in the form of no deposit (often free spins are offered), deposit gifts. After completing registration and replenishing the account, all machines are available for users to place bets.

The live version of roulette USA

In the Live version, roulette USA is no less popular among users. In this case, there is a broadcast from the hall of a real casino. Playing with a Live dealer allows users to feel like a real gambling establishment, to feel incomparable excitement.
There can be from one to three players at one table with roulette USA. Depending on the occupancy of the establishment. In this case, users can communicate with each other. For this, chat roulette USA is used.
Some establishments offer tournaments with Live roulette USA. The winner is determined by the total number of bets or the amount won. In this case, roulette usa chat also works. Tournament competitions using roulette slots are quite rare.

Mobile version of american roulette


Many gamblers today prefer to use mobile devices instead of PCs. In this regard, most modern casinos offer their customers a mobile version of the official website or a downloadable application. They allow you to access all the functions of the casino uk online. Through the mobile version or a downloadable client, a player can place bets in slot machines, and a live broadcast of roulette USA cams is also available here.

Pros and cons of slot machines and Live games roulette USA

Roulette USA in the form of a slot machine is offered in paid and free versions. The slot is a simulation, in which a certain recoil coefficient is already embedded. The live version allows you to feel like in a casino. In this case, the player sees the broadcast with a real croupier, there is an opportunity to communicate with the dealer and other players via chat. However, there is no free version for Live Roulette.

Answers to popular questions

How to start playing usa roulette?
To start playing roulette for real money (in slot machines or in Live mode), you need to register at the selected casino. In demo mode, slots are available to all visitors.
What is the best site for playing usa roulette?
To play roulette, choose trusted sites. Unlicensed casinos are not safe.
Which casino should you choose?
To start the game, you should give preference to an international-class institution licensed from Great Britain, Curacao or Malta.


Each player independently chooses to place bets in slots or in Live mode. In any case, roulette can bring huge winnings. Their amount can be up to x35 of the bet. Register at the casino, fund your account and start playing. Perhaps today you are in luck. If you have already tried your hand at roulette usa, be sure to leave a review.

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