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Blackjack caribbean

Caribbean blackjack appeared in online casinos for the first time by Realtime Gaming (casino software development since 1998). Caribbean blackjack is more fun than regular blackjack and 3 times harder. Like classic blackjack, Caribbean blackjack originated in the wild west (these games were often illegal). The game was introduced to online casinos by Realtime Gaming.

How to play Caribbean Blackjack online

Caribbean blackjack

The core of the game is the same as for classic blackjack online, but there are significant changes. The ace in Caribbean blackjack is 1, so now you need to have 2 cards totalling 10 each and 1 ace for the winning number 21.

Types and types of games in Caribbean blackjack

Almost all online casinos provide Caribbean blackjack in video format and with a “real” dealer. In addition to Caribbean blackjack, there are many other popular types:

  • Vegas Strip Blackjack;
  • Double attack;
  • Blackjack Switch;
  • Perfect couples.

Fundamental rules

The list of rules differs significantly from other types of blackjack:

  • Any ace equals 1 value;
  • The dealer takes 1 card, player 2;
  • The player can perform actions: stand, take, dab, split, sarenda;
  • Double is held under any circumstances and cards;
  • For the first two of any cards, you can split and respawn;
  • Saranda can be at any time;
  • Caribbean blackjack – 2 cards of 10 and ace or higher. Payment in a ratio of 3: 2 without a split on the first 2 cards;
  • Draws are awarded to the dealer;
  • If the dealer has laid out an ace, you can ensure the bet for no more than 50% of the bet amount.

Caribbean blackjack

The game rules are found in the Caribbean blackjack rules sections.

Bonuses and tips

Casino bonuses offer promotions and bonus offers to their users. There are various payout bonus tables. For bonus bets in Caribbean blackjack, payouts range from 1: 1 to 250: 1. Payouts for certain actions in Caribbean blackjack range from 7: 1 to 250: 1. Bonuses are valid when certain conditions are reached, for example, the amount of the bet is higher than $ 5.

To win, you can stick to the Caribbean blackjack strategy. It is better to play Caribbean blackjack for entertainment purposes, then the win will not belong in coming.

5 tips for playing Caribbean blackjack

When playing slots, it is important to understand the following tips for a successful game:

  • Vigilance and calmness come first;
  • Stress should not be present in the game;
  • Money is one of the options for encouraging, not earning;
  • If you feel that you cannot win any further, do not play;
  • Use free spins and casino bonuses.

Many online casinos have mobile versions of Caribbean blackjack in the form of an application or a section on the site. Websites adjust specifically to the smartphone screen.

Caribbean blackjack strategy

You need to collect the maximum number of players by placing a bet of $ 5, then the house edge will be less if 2 players are playing. In short – a large number of players reduces the bonus (casino) advantage.

Caribbean blackjack payouts are the same as in the classic 21, but with their own peculiarities. If there is a tie, the dealer takes the winnings.

Pros and cons of Caribbean blackjack

Caribbean blackjack

The pluses include a variety of moves, an increase in players, bonuses, an interesting system, the rules are easy to learn in practice. The disadvantages include the rules in favour of the casino with a small number of participants, minimum bets, a draw in favour of the dealer.

Many players are looking for good online casino games, such as Caribbean blackjack. Some players adhere to this Caribbean life blackjack and play blackjack very often.

Caribbean blackjack with free bets is an indispensable no deposit option.

To start playing Caribbean blackjack, registration at the casino must be complete. You can find Caribbean blackjack in any online casino, and even in casinos without a license.

Will it be difficult for a beginner to play?
No, even the first time you can understand the mechanics of the game.
How much does it cost to enter caribbean blackjack?
Admission is free, you pay only for the bet.

After playing Caribbean blackjack, the player can leave a review, thereby helping other players and users to better understand the system.

In conclusion, I want to say that I liked Caribbean blackjack and playing with friends and colleagues will be a great way to while away the time and have some fun. The opportunity to earn extra money is not excluded.

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