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The card game blackjack appeared in European casinos in the distant eighteenth and over the years has managed to fall in love with gamblers all over the planet. Today, a variety of variations are enjoyed with pleasure on all continents. The latest popular variation on this addicting game was switch blackjack, invented and patented by Jeff Hall in 2009.
The game seems to be based on the basic principles of classic blackjack, yet it has some significant differences with it. The main one is that in this variation of the game, the casino visitor gets a unique chance during the game process – to change cards between his two boxes for free. This function not only carries many advantages but also makes the blackjack switch itself unique.

The emergence of blackjack switch in online casinos

Although the popularity of this variation of blackjack online cannot be called super popular, the new entertainment immediately found many ardent fans. Therefore, it is logical that the development of the online gambling industry has led to the fact that the developers of gambling software have paid attention to this kind of beloved by many gambling card game.
Several well-known providers have already released their version of the blackjack switch online. The highest-quality slot machines were developed by Playtech and Globotech.

How is the gameplay in blackjack switch online?

It remains to tell you how to play black switch in modern online casinos with modern slot machines. The player’s task is standard for any blackjack and it is to beat the dealer. To win, the player needs to make a stronger combination on his hands than the dealers. The combination does not have to be equal to 21 points, it is enough to simply be stronger than the dealers.
During the game process, the dealer uses from 6 to 8 ordinary card decks, consisting of standard 52 cards. Jokers are removed from the decks. A characteristic feature of the blackjack switch is that the players always make equal bets on two boxes, which they have every right to swap. The exchange can be made only on the second cards dealt by the dealer. This option is free for players.


Basic rules of blackjack switch online

First of all, the player places a bet on one or more boxes, but their number should not exceed three. Then the dealer deals two face-up pairs of cards to the box, and the bet is automatically duplicated. With a wide variety of options for dealing, the game is usually played according to the classic rules of distribution: the dealer deals himself two cards, one of which is open, and checks for blackjack, if the open card turns out to be 10, a picture or an Ace.
If there is a possibility of blackjack at the dealer, then the player can take advantage of the boxing insurance. In this case, the amount of insurance is equal to half of the original rate. In the case of a dealer’s blackjack, the player gets a win with a coefficient of 2 to 1.
When one of the blackjack boxes lands on one of the boxes, the game is no longer played until the end of the round. If there is no “blackjack”, then the game is played alternately, first on the right, then on the left box. The player can double the bet, take more cards, increasing the number of points, etc. When all decisions on the right hand are made, the move goes to the left hand.
In the case of a set of blackjack by the dealer, if the dealer does not have one, the player receives a win with a coefficient of 1k 1. If both have blackjack, then the bets are returned. The uniqueness of the situation lies in the fact that in the blackjack switch the dealer does not lose if he scores 22 points.

How to win a free blackjack switch online?

This variation of the popular game is quite complicated and unusual for most, so at first, it is better to try to understand all the intricacies of playing on demo versions of slot machines in an online casino. Fortunately, it is available in all online casinos.

Useful tips for blackjack switch players


According to experienced gamblers, with the right approach to the gameplay and using some useful tips, there are practically no chances of losing big even in a blackjack switch. Let’s voice these tips.

  1. It is imperative to adhere to the selected game budget.
  2. Decide on the chosen strategy of the game.
  3. Only free training will help you understand all the features of the game.
  4. It is imperative to count cards, without which it is almost impossible to become a cool player

Blackjack Switch Payouts

When a player scores more points than the dealer’s and in the case of a bust (more than 22 points), the payout ratios are 1 to 1.
When the insurance bet is triggered, the payout coefficients are 2 to 1.
When the player sets a blackjack and the dealer does not have one, the payout is 1 to 1.

Frequently asked Questions

The popularity of the game is quite high, so standard questions are piling up among the players.

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